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The Whole World's Gone Crazy Part 3/?

Title: The Whole World's Gone Crazy Part 3/?
Author: jemzamia
Pairing: Frank/Gerard, Ray/Bob
Rating: 15
Disclaimer: If only the world was this brilliantly crazy
Summary: As Frank tries to process the news, Gerard ends up occupied if strange news from Mikey as a crowd of fans wait for the gig
Notes: Dedicate dto sasha_lilyrat and i_bring_u_fire

Part 1
Part 2

Frank just stood there dumbstruck while Gerard was clinging onto him from behind. How the hell could a man get pregnant, he thought to himself. Gerard’s eyes focused on Frank’s lip ring and saw how it lowered with Frank’s mouth. Gerard could only imagine that lowered lip contributed to a shocked face. For once Gerard was glad not to see Frank’s face. Gerard ran his hands down Frank’s chest as a reassuring gesture. By doing this he noticed that Frank’s chest was moving in and out slower than normal. Frank was taking deep breaths as he tried to steady his emotions.

After a few minutes of silence Frank managed to release some words from his mouth.
“I don’t know,” Gerard gently whispered. His breath against Frank’s ear made Frank quiver. Gerard always had some kind of control over him when he did that. Frank took another deep breath. Gerard took that as his cue to pull him a little closer and continue.
“And I’ll tell you another thing. I don’t care how, because it’s fucking amazing. If you want an explanation then here’s one for you. It’s because I love you so much…and I believe that you love me too.”
That completely took Frank’s breath away. Gerard could always take the strangest things and bring out the beauty in them. And this time it was the most beautiful thing of all. Their love.

Frank turned around to face his lover and rested their foreheads together. Gerard closed his eyes for a second and when he reopened them Frank’s brilliant gaze was looking back at him. Gerard could tell that he was in some deep thought so he just stared back for a while. Who could resist those beautiful brown eyes? The storm of confusion seemed to clear and Frank rose is head a little, ready to say something. Gerard would have been on the edge of his seat if he had one. So what a perfect time for a frazzled Mikey to come running in, shouting and raving about something to Gerard.

“Mikey, not now! Frank and I are in the middle of something!” Gerard moaned.
“But Gerard! I FLEW! That’s right I flew out of this window! It was amazing! And I met this pretty girl and…”
“WHAT THE FUCK!” Gerard yelled, now totally concerned about the fact his brother had gone crazy, “You’re telling me that you Mikey Way can fly?”
“I think you’ve been drinking some dodgy beer and reading too many of my comics!”
“But Gerard I did and…”
“Right guys! Showtime! Let’s make this one a one to remember!” the roadie said as he began to usher them to the stage.
“Ugh, I’ll tell you all about it later,” Mikey said as he went to strap himself up to his bass.

Gerard looked back to Frankie who had returned to his previous shocked state. Gerard immediately put his hand against his cheek and stroked it. Gerard knew that it always sent tingles down Frank’s spine. Frank smiled into the comfort and placed his hand on top of Gerard’s.
“I wonder what’s going on in that head of your’s,” Gerard finally said.
“You and me both, babe,” Frank replied.
The roadie came back and ushered them even more to the stage. Gerard sighed in defeat. He knew there was no chance of him getting an answer from Frank right now. He scooped him into a hug and whispered in his ear again.
“Think about it during the gig. If the emotions get high just play them out as hard as you can. You’ll feel better and the crowd will love it” he smiled.
Frank smiled back and nodded. Gerard took his hand and led him into the wings slowly. He helped Frank strap his guitar on, squeezed his hand and said.
“I love you.” Then he walked out to the massive crowd full of rat lovers, fans and their horny friends screaming for him. The sheer noise downed out the faint sound of
“I love you too, Gerard.”

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