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The Whole World's Gone Crazy Part 5/?

Title: The Whole World's Gone Crazy Part 5/?
Author: jemzamia
Pairing: Frank/Gerard, Ray/Bob
Rating: 15
Summary: Gerard and Frankie try to celebrate in their own way much to Mikey's annoyance
Disclaimer: If only the world was this brill
Author's note: Sorry for the late update. School + exams = hell

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

As the band ran back into the wings, away from the roaring screams of dazzled fans, Gerard and Frank were acting like giddy high school kids. When they reached the corridor to the dressing rooms their giggles echoed as they pinned each other to the walls playfully, constantly zigzagging from side to side, teasing each other with soft kisses and gropes. Their sheer hornyness just added more sweat to what was already dripping from their hair. As they kept crashing into each other, their heartbeats raced as fast as Bob would drum. They were in heaven together.

Ray, Bob and Mikey were not far behind, laughing as they watched the two lovers. Ray was rubbing a towel through his long hair in one hand as the other reached for Bob’s. Bob immediately took it and gave Ray a smirk that made his lip ring wobble. Ray and Bob were a different kind of couple compared to Frank and Gerard. For one thing they were a lot more subtle. Bob never liked all focus being on him and Ray preferred loving, private moments together rather than blatant passion everywhere. They left that to Frank and Gerard, who were certainly doing it well.

The kisses and the not so innocent grouping had now turned into full on snogging and pulling at trousers and belts. The giggling either became loud laughter or heavy grunts of need. It looked they were going to do it there and then. Wait a minute! They were going to do it there and then, thought Mikey. He ran towards the two horny men as they continued their act of passion. Frank then slid seductively down to his knees, not noticing that Mikey was speeding towards them. Mikey panicked as be begun to get dangerously close to Frank, who was preoccupied by giving Gerard smutty glances as he attempted to undo Gerard’s fly with his teeth. He tried to stop but the grip on his converse was not strong enough against the smooth floor. It was inevitable. Mikey was going to crash into Frank whilst damaging Gerard’s bits in the process. Mikey shut his eyes, preparing himself for impact. He gritted his teeth and raised his arms to brace his fall.

Mikey landed hard on his rib cage. He made a small yelp of pain and tried to raise himself gently off the floor. Wait a minute, he thought, the FLOOR?!? He finally opened his eyes and saw the ugly tiles in front of him. Mikey was really confused until he heard a loud moan behind him. Mikey turned around and saw that Frank’s attempt of opening Gerard’s fly was a success. Mikey grinned that he hadn’t caused any harm, but after a few seconds the then realised he was currently watching his brother getting sucked off.

He immediately jumped up in horror and rushed to stop them. He struggled to pull Frank up while squinting so that his eyes may not be violated anymore. Frank groaned as he tried to continue to suck Gerard’s cock, but Mikey’s skinny arms were surprisingly strong and pulled him up and away from his lover.
“Fuck off Mikey! Jeez, get your own cock to suck! Gerard’s mine!” Frank complained. Mikey pulled another disgusted face, if he had any left. He thought about shouting at them but after seeing that Frank had started to nibble at Gerard’s neck again, and that Gerard hadn’t even opened his eyes since Mikey had interrupted them, he decided to not to bother. For the sake of his sanity, which was already being doubted by others, Mikey sighed and shook his head. Then he grabbed the two horny men by the jean loops, dragged them down the corridor and shoved them into the nearest dressing room.

They fell to the ground with a large thud as Mikey shut the door hastily. The less he saw of his brother getting it on with his best mate the better. He pressed his back against the door and sighed. Panic over. Then he remembered that he had flown again. A smile rose from his cheeks and he looked at the ceiling with glee. Then there was a large thud on the other side of the door that made Mikey jump forward. It was soon followed by the unmistakable sound of two horny rock stars having sex. Mikey was beginning to lose the will to live again so he immediately went to talk to Ray and Bob. He hoped that they had seen his latest trick so someone would understand that he wasn’t crazy. Well, except from that gorgeous girl he met. Damn, I must see her again, he thought. Mikey had finally made his way back up to the top of the corridor. It was surprising how far Gerard and Frank’s antics that travelled down it. He saw the two men sitting sweetly together, kissing.


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